Saturday, December 24, 2011

My iGoogle home page messed up! How can i fix it?

I chose a desgin when it first came out and now it just looks it asked me to choose all of these applications to put on the home page, and the YouTube link is gone. I liked it how it was when I first started using it. How can I get it back like that?|||Try this... go to your that you typically use. Then click on "my account" (top right). Then scroll down until you see "iGoogle" - and click on "settings". Then go ahead and delete everything you want gone from your page.

Then select layout, etc., whatever you want on your page. This should work for you, I don't think there is a way to start fresh, but I'm looking into it right now.

Good luck!|||restore your computer

Can you read the books that are in your igoogle library?

i want to read twilight online for free so i added it to my library but i don't know if i can read it from there?

thanks|||the books are under copyright and not availabe free legally - all you have done is said that you have this book in your library / want to read it/ have read it

Can the iGoogle background color be changed (NOT the theme)?

I know how to change themes when customizing iGoogle, but I'm wondering if the background color can be changed from white for the rest of the page under the theme.

The theme area seems to be just the very top of the page surrounding the Search box. However, the rest of the page where most of the personalized content is seems unaffected by theme choice and retains a white background throughout. Can it be changed?|||Unfortunately no. When you change the theme on igoogle it also changes the colour of the boxes but not the background. You can't change the background and you can't change the colour of the boxes without changing the theme. :(|||Get on google. Then toe blue google. Click first link. You can keep it blue or change it!

How do you make a countdown on Igoogle?

Click 'Add stuff' at the right side of the page. In the search bar, type 'countdown' and hit search.

There are plenty to choose from.|||You can use this gadget:鈥?/a>

How can I stop chat sound alerts in igoogle. The beeping sound when I log on drives me crazy.?

Unplug your speaker..

WTF is up w/ iGoogle as a homepage? Why does it store 10 pages so I can't hit back?

Is it supposed to do that? I have it as the homepage, and when I hit the home, and then hit back it won't go back. If I look at the back arrow that shows a lot of the pages it will have iGoogle listed 7-10 times. Is there any way to get rid of this, or will I just be finding a new homepage?|||It works just fine!

Which browser and Operating System you use?

How to get query explorer of my computer on igoogle?

There's like two ways,

1: Control Panels%26gt;Add/Remove Programs%26gt;Delete Anything with Query in the name


2:control panel%26gt;programs%26gt;uninstall a program%26gt;look for anything with query in it and uninstall%26gt;may have to reboot